Cosmic flow model of our Local Universe

Density and Peculiar Velocity Fields in the Nearby Universe

This website provides up to date information on density and predicted peculiar velocity fields within 200 Mpc/h. This model can be used to estimate the density within a depth of 200 Mpc/h. It can also be used to calculate predicted peculiar velocities within the same volume. These predictions can also be used to correct observed redshifts for the effects of peculiar motions restoring them to the Hubble flow. This has applications for SNe and measurements of the Hubble constant.


The density field in the Supergalactic Plane, smoothed with a 10 Mpc/h Gaussian

Please also have a look at our new project involving detailed modeling of large scale structure statistics.


The density field is based on the 2M++ redshift compilation, which in turn is based on the 2MRS, 6dF and SDSS redshift surveys. Self-consistent distances to all galaxies are calculated consistent with their observed redshifts and linear perturbation theory.


From the download page, you can obtain the density and peculiar velocity fields in ASCII or numpy format.

Distances to galaxies and clusters

You can query interactively the distance to nearby galaxies using the online tool. Coming soon! Stay tuned for updates.

How to acknowledge

Please cite the following papers:

  • "Cosmological parameters from the comparison of peculiar velocities with predictions from the 2M++ density field", Carrick J., Turnbull S., Lavaux G. & Hudson M. J., MNRAS, 2015. (ADS, MNRAS, arXiV)

A BiBTeX file with the above references can be downloaded here.

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Three dimensional model

The model here below has been generated directly by uploading to Sketchfab. However, please visit that page for more interactivity and information on large scale structures.

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