Request for a large set of galaxies
Please select one of the coordinate system you use for your data.

Please select the redshift you want to make distance computation from (in both cases, it must be in CMB rest frame)

Cosmology/flow model parameters (assuming curvature flatness):

Additional flow model parameters (assuming curvature flatness):

Bulk flow components

Distance outputs:

Please select output style

Now you need to select a file to upload

Please provide a text file to be uploaded for processing

Input file
The input text file must have three columns:
  1. The first column is the longitude coordinate in the system indicated above (in degrees from 0 to 360)
  2. The second column is the latitude coordinate in the same system (in degrees from -90 to 90)
  3. The third and last is the redshift, with units and rest-frame as specified above.
Here is an example:
300 10 450
45 -20 2000
for two galaxies one in (l=300, b=10, cz=450 km/s) and another in (l=45, b=-20, cz=2000 km/s).
Text output format
The output text will be formatted with the same line ordering as the input.
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