Cosmic flow model of our Local Universe

What is this site about?

Galaxies are moving with respect to the reference frame of Large Scale Structures. Now several surveys (e.g. XXXX) exist to measure directly their peculiar motion by comparing their proper distances to their apparent total velocity from redshift measurement. However this measurement lacks for many more galaxies than what have been measured. We propose on this website to gather, consolidate and provide in a simple fashion an access to dynamical models that predict from existing data the peculiar velocities of galaxies.

Data used

We have based our present version of the model on:

  • 2M++ for the large scale density field input,
  • XXX for the distance survey.

Furthermore, we are assuming a LCDM cosmology to correct for Alcock-Pasczynski effects.

Known limitations

Future enhancements

We intend to add new futures both the reconstructed peculiar velocity fields and to this website. To be notified about these, please register using this page.

How to acknowledge

Please acknowledge our work by citing the following papers:

  • "Cosmological parameters from the comparison of peculiar velocities with predictions from the 2M++ density field", Carrick J., Turnbull S., Lavaux G. & Hudson M. J., MNRAS, 2015
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